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Static Resistance Testing for Automobile Wiring Harness Crimp Connections

The wiring harness is the central network of an automobile’s electrical system. Without the wiring harness, the vehicle’s electrical circuit wouldn’t exist. The wiring harness refers to a set of bundled components designed for connecting the electrical circuit. These components are made of copper contact terminals (connectors) that are crimped to wires and cables and then encased with insulation or a metal shell. Automobile wiring harness testing includes environmental testing, electrical performance testing, and mechanical performance testing of the wiring harness.

Since its inception, the automobile industry has gone through a lot of advancements and become more and more electrified and intelligent, which has subsequently provided substantial opportunities for the evolution of automobile wiring harnesses. Just like the nerves and blood vessels in the human body, automobile wiring harnesses serve to interconnect various components of a vehicle. Therefore, the reliability of wiring harnesses has become a crucial indicator of automobile performance. SUITA Electric’s SBT60/300 battery tester is a high-precision, high-resolution instrument for battery resistance testing. It finds wide application in measuring the resistance of various batteries, including lithium batteries for mobile phones, storage batteries, power batteries, and static crimp resistance in automobile wiring harnesses. It employs the AC four-terminal testing method, enabling more accurate testing of battery’s internal resistance and voltage.

Solution Introduction

SUITA has been keeping pace with the progress in the industry and strives to become an industrial leader. It offers professional solutions for new energy vehicles. To solve the testing problems related to static resistance of crimped connections in new energy vehicles, SUITA provides a high accuracy resistance tester - SBT300 Battery Internal Resistance Tester - for simultaneous and accurate measurement of resistance, voltage and other parameters. The measuring results (data) can be saved in the memory or a flash disk in csv or mat format; the data saved in the memory can also be exported to a flash disk so that users can check the measuring results at any time.

Main Advantages
SUITA Electric's strong professional capabilities make its products more advantageous in related fields
Higher measurement precision
voltage ±0.01%rdg ±3dgt; resistance ±0.4%rdg ±5dgt
Higher measurement precision
SUITA Electric is committed to covering complex scenarios in various fields across the entire industry with its products.