SBT60 Battery Tester – High-precision and High-resolution Battery Tester
A high-precision and high-resolution battery tester that employs the AC 4-terminal testing method to ensure more accurate measurements of battery internal resistance and voltage. SBT60 is equipped with a comparator function that automatically assesses whether the battery parameters meet the standards and calculates the pass rate. It is suitable for testing and sorting various types of batteries such as lithium batteries, power batteries, energy storage batteries, and more.
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Higher precision! Wider range! Faster measurement! More features!
SBT60 Battery Tester adopts the four-AC-terminal testing for battery impedance and voltage measurement for higher voltage/resistance measurement accuracy, providing wider voltage/resistance measurement range and faster measurement speed. In addition, the tester offers a comparator feature and abundant outputs to provide proper solutions according to different application scenarios.
High measurement accuracy: voltage ±0.01%rdg ±3dgt; resistance: ±0.4%rdg ±5dgt
Voltage measurement up to 60V
Resistance measurement 3mΩ - 3,000Ω
High measurement resolution: voltage up to 10μV; resistance up to 0.1μΩ
Enhanced Output Options
Adopts the AC 4-terminal testing method
10ms response time and 20ms sampling time
Provide high measurement accuracy
Adopts the AC 4-terminal testing method for measuring battery voltage and impedance, realizing higher voltage measurement accuracy and resistance measurement accuracy.
Comparator function
SBT60 Battery Tester features an independent comparator function for voltage and resistance measurements, capable of providing Pass/Hi/IN/Lo judgments displayed simultaneously. It can convey a comprehensive judgment result via an external I/O port. Hi/Lo can be set according to their respective upper and lower limits or user-defined standard deviations (%). The comparator mode offers two options: manual and automatic (automatic by default). In manual mode, the tester will only output the comparator's result when the EXT I/O is ON, making it suitable for switch or PLC control scenarios. The buzzer configuration includes OFF, HL, IN, BT1, and BT2. Under BT1 and BT2 modes, different beeps can be set for IN or Hi/Lo.
Comparator function
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SBT60 Battery Tester – High-precision and High-resolution Battery Tester
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