SPA6000 Power Analyzer – Multifunctional Power Analyzer
High-precision power analyzer for enterprise-level R&D and testing. We offer modularized solutions designed for accurate electrical parameter measurement, comprehensive analysis, and functional performance verification. SPA6000 Power Analyzer provides robust support for enhancing product quality and efficiency.
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More powerful and high-precision power analyzer
SPA6000 Power Analyzer boasts an impressive array of features, including multi-channel input, high-speed sampling, and real-time data display. Beyond the conventional capabilities of a power analyzer, it also delivers advanced functionalities like harmonic analysis, motor evaluation, flicker measurement, and more. Thanks to its ultra-high precision and extensive measurement range, it finds applications in a wide range of industries, such as robotics, electric vehicles, renewable energy, household appliances, avionics, and more, enabling highly efficient electrical system measurement and analysis.
Highest measurement accuracy: ±(0.01% of reading + 0.02% of range)
4 power channels and 2 motor channels
Maximum measurement voltage of 1,000V
Supporting effortless board side-on plug-and-play
Incorporating a sensor power supply unit within a power module
Sampling rate up to 2M/s, ensuring more accurate data recording
High-resolution A/D conversion and multi-channel D/A output
12.1” HD LCD touch screen equipped with a user-friendly UI
Power analysis in application scenarios with high precision requirement
SPA6000 Power Analyzer has a measurement accuracy of 0.01% and supports cutting-edge standard testing across various industries. It empowers technicians to accurately measure electrical parameters and comprehensively analyze electrical performance, thereby expediting the R&D process.
Multiple computing functions
The SPA6000 Power Analyzer provides a wide range of computation functions, including integration and Fast Fourier Transform (FFT). It excels in swiftly and automatically switching the measurement range to prevent measurement errors resulting from significant variations in the input signal coupled with improper measurement range during extended integral calculations.
Multiple computing functions
Our premier power analyzer with top-tier quality and precision measurements.
High measurement accuracy power analyzer, customized for enterprise R&D testing with modular solutions.
Why should I choose SUITA Electric?
How can we make testing easier, faster and better? This is the challenge that SUITA Electric has been diligently addressing, and our team of experts continuously delivers outstanding and innovative solutions to tackle this issue. We are currently collaborating closely with globally renowned automotive manufacturers and leading companies in battery, solar panel, energy storage, semiconductors, manufacturing, and R&D. Our objective is to consistently enhance our solutions and assist our customers in achieving industrial upgrades. It is well-suited for applications in the renewable energy, battery, energy storage, and other related sectors. It is versatile and can be utilized in a variety of tests, offering strong extensibility. It provides long-term real-time data storage and playback analysis. Phase compensation is implemented to enhance power measurement accuracy.
Discover how our SUITA Solutions can assist you in overcoming significant challenges, delivering exceptional service that exceeds customer expectations.
SPA6000 Power Analyzer – Multifunctional Power Analyzer
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