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Lithium-ion Battery Safety Performance Testing

The safety problems caused by lithium-ion battery has become a topic arousing wide concern. To ensure its safety, the design, manufacturing and usage of lithium-ion battery must be regulated by strict quality control and safety measures. SUITA provides the SBT300 Battery Tester with high accuracy for battery internal resistance testing. It can accurately measure the safety performance indicators of lithium-ion battery, monitor these data in real time and save the measurements. Lithium-ion battery safety performance testing mostly involves core parameter measurement, including voltage and internal resistance, to ensure its stability and safety.

Lithium-ion battery safety performance testing is getting more attention from the manufacturers and consumers. Its safety performance testing has the following levels of significance:
1.Avoid explosion and other accidents caused by misuse of lithium-ion battery
The emergence of lithium-ion battery brings convenience for many electronic equipment manufacturers, especially because of its extensive applications. However, its usage also causes a lot of accidents, and some of them can be contributed to lithium-ion battery safety testing not in place. Lithium-ion battery testing usually provides a specific temperature report and a report for saving lithium battery in a proper environment, and user can learn the proper ways to use Li-ion battery.

2.Extend lithium-ion battery lifetime
The service life of lithium-ion battery depends on the charge current, voltage, storage environment for battery and level of usage. Lithium-ion battery testing can measure battery capacity to remind users to pay attention to the saturation during charging. It helps many manufacturers extend product lifetime more effectively during production.

3.Confirm the usage of lithium battery with performance testing
Lithium-ion battery is used for large electronic product and electric appliance production, and it can be said it is ubiquitous in daily life. Professional lithium-ion battery testing companies would define the range of application for different types of Li-ion batteries and answer the questions of consumers on usage limits of lithium battery. Lithium-ion battery is an enduring product, and defining their usage limits can save a lot of unnecessary expenses.

Solution Introduction

SUITA has been keeping pace with the progress in the industry and strives to become an industrial leader. It offers professional solutions for lithium-ion battery safety performance testing. To solve the testing problems related to lithium-ion battery safety performance, SUITA provides a high accuracy resistance tester - SBT300 Battery Internal Resistance Tester - for simultaneous and accurate measurement of resistance, voltage and other parameters. The measuring results (data) can be saved in the memory or a flash disk in csv or mat format; the data saved in the memory can also be exported to a flash disk so that users can check the measuring results at the corresponding time at any time.

Main Advantages
SUITA Electric's strong professional capabilities make its products more advantageous in related fields
Higher Measurement Pprecision
voltage ±0.01%rdg ±3dgt; resistance ±0.4%rdg ±5dgt
Higher Measurement Pprecision
SUITA Electric is committed to covering complex scenarios in various fields across the entire industry with its products.
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