SPA3100 Digital Power Meter – 3-channel Digital Power Meter with LCD Touchscreen
SPA3100 Digital Power Meter for measuring the power consumption of home appliances, office automation products, large-scale power equipment, and process control automation equipment.
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Small, compact and affordable power analyzers
SPA3100 is widely used for power industry testing, office or home appliance power consumption measurement, and battery-driven device assessment, etc. SPA3100 is small-sized, compact, user-friendly, affordable, and of high precision. Its built-in 5.6’’ LCD screen offers a brighter and more uniform display effect compared to regular LCD screens while having a higher energy eficiency. SPA3100 has a voltage range of 15-1000V and a current range of 0.25-5A, meeting most of the electrical equipment measurement range for swift and accurate results.
High Measurement accuracy: ± (0.1% of reading + 0.05% of range)
3 power channels for flexible selection according to the application
5.6-Inch HD LCD screen for users to check the measurement data clearly and intuitively
Maximum voltage and current measurement: 1,000V and 5A
Bandwidth: DC, 0.5Hz-100KHz
Supports extended measurement ranges using voltage output current clamps or current sensors
12-Channel D/A output for voltage, current, power and other measured data, allowing seamless data transfer to a data recorder or other devices
Equipped with internal storage for storing measurement results.
Provide assistance in power measurement
SPA3100 offers a wide range of voltage measurement, compact size, and favorable price point, making it an ideal power meter for power consumption test stand and, production line, and test bench. SPA3100 also provides real-time waveform display, waveform recording, harmonic analysis and other features, allowing R&D engineers to conduct power-related testing on equipment with severe harmonic pollution.
5.6-inch LCD Touchscreen
The LCD screen ensures clear pixel representation, vibrant colors, and realistic images. Additionally, the LCD screen has a lower power consumption, ensuring stable and enduring operation. In comparison to LED screens, LCD screens are more compact, lightweight, and portable. Furthermore, the LCD screen offers a wider viewing angle for an enhanced visual experience.
5.6-inch LCD Touchscreen
Our premier power analyzer with top-tier quality and precision measurements.
High measurement accuracy digital power meter, customized for enterprise R&D testing with modular solutions.
Why should I choose SUITA Electric?
How can we make testing easier, faster and better? This is the challenge that SUITA Electric has been diligently addressing, and our team of experts continuously delivers outstanding and innovative solutions to tackle this issue. We are currently collaborating closely with globally renowned automotive manufacturers and leading companies in battery, solar panel, energy storage, semiconductors, manufacturing, and R&D. Our objective is to consistently enhance our solutions and assist our customers in achieving industrial upgrades. It is well-suited for applications in the renewable energy, battery, energy storage, and other related sectors. It is versatile and can be utilized in a variety of tests, offering strong extensibility. It provides long-term real-time data storage and playback analysis. Phase compensation is implemented to enhance power measurement accuracy.
SPA3100 Digital Power Meter – 3-channel Digital Power Meter with LCD Touchscreen
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