SPA2000 Digital Power Meter – Single-channel Digital Power Meter
A cost-effective and compact digital power meter that leverages digital signal processing technology to ensure accurate measurement and calculation of critical parameters like output power, voltage, current, and more for electrical equipment.
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Single-channel digital power meter with a greater cost-effectiveness!
SPA2000 digital power meter finds extensive application in electrical and electronic measurements, spanning across various industries including electronics manufacturing, communication technology, photovoltaic and wind power generation, aerospace technology, and power supply and distribution. SPA2000 excels in the precise measurement of power, voltage, current, frequency, and other essential parameters for a wide array of equipment. With a voltage measurement range of 6V to 1,000V and a current measurement range of 1A to 50A, it effectively meets the measurement requirements of most devices, ensuring swift and accurate results.
High measurement accuracy: ± (0.1% of reading + 0.05% of the range)
Voltage measurement range: 6V - 1,000V
Current measurement range: 1A - 50A
Bandwidth: DC, 0.1Hz - 100KHz
Sampling rate: 100kS/s
Up to 100th harmonic measurements
4 D/A output modules
Supports fast measurement
SPA2000 digital power meter offers a wider current and voltage measurement range, accurately capturing parameters for most electrical devices without the need to switch measurement modes. This seamless integration of integral and harmonic measurements makes the process more convenient and efficient.
Simultaneous parameter measurement
All AC and DC parameters can be measured, and integral and harmonic measurements can be conducted simultaneously without the need to switch measurement modes.
Simultaneous parameter measurement
Our premier power analyzer with top-tier quality and precision measurements.
High measurement accuracy digital power meter, customized for enterprise R&D testing with modular solutions.
Why should I choose SUITA Electric?
How can we make testing easier, faster and better? This is the challenge that SUITA Electric has been diligently addressing, and our team of experts continuously delivers outstanding and innovative solutions to tackle this issue. We are currently collaborating closely with globally renowned automotive manufacturers and leading companies in battery, solar panel, energy storage, semiconductors, manufacturing, and R&D. Our objective is to consistently enhance our solutions and assist our customers in achieving industrial upgrades. It is well-suited for applications in the renewable energy, battery, energy storage, and other related sectors. It is versatile and can be utilized in a variety of tests, offering strong extensibility. It provides long-term real-time data storage and playback analysis. Phase compensation is implemented to enhance power measurement accuracy.
SPA2000 Digital Power Meter – Single-channel Digital Power Meter
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