SPAW7000 Power Analysis Wavecorder - Multifunctional Power Analyzer
The world's leading high-precision and advanced power analyzer that seamlessly combines power analysis, data recording, and storage. SPAW7000 is capable of measuring voltage, current, power, efficiency, and other essential parameters for inverters, motors, transformers, and various power conversion systems.
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Multifunctional power analyzer for a wide range of applications
SPAW7000 offers 7 power channels and 2 motor channels while also supporting a wide range of power module combinations. Its wide measurement range and high accuracy make it suitable for numerous industries, including electric vehicles, renewable energy, inverters, motors, batteries, lighting, household appliances, and the aviation electronics industry, and more. SPAW7000 boasts an array of powerful features, including multi-channel input, high-speed sampling, real-time data display, waveform display, trend graph, bar graph, and vector diagram displays. With capabilities like harmonic analysis, motor evaluation, voltage fluctuation and flicker measurement, and Fast Fourier Transform (FFT), it enables efficient measurement and analysis of various systems.
Highest measurement accuracy: ±(0.01% of reading + 0.02% of range)
7 power channels + 2 motor channels
Bandwidth: DC, 0.1Hz-5MHz
Combinable configurations with multiple input range and precision modules
Simultaneous 7-harmonic independent analysis
Harmonic analysis up to 500th order
Instantaneous power measurement
X-Y display
Data update rate up to 10ms
Supports accurate measurements
SPAW7000 empowers technicians to accurately measure the power consumption of equipment and performing detailed analysis on the measurements.
High Accuracy
SPAW7000 stands as the most accurate in the market, boasting a measurement accuracy of up to 0.01% of reading.
High Accuracy
Our premier power analyzer with top-tier quality and precision measurements
We present a groundbreaking power analyzer – SPAW7000. It is the world's first high-accuracy and advanced instrument that seamlessly combines power analysis, data recording, and storage.
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How can we make testing easier, faster and better? This is the challenge that SUITA Electric has been diligently addressing, and our team of experts continuously delivers outstanding and innovative solutions to tackle this issue. We are currently collaborating closely with globally renowned automotive manufacturers and leading companies in battery, solar panel, energy storage, semiconductors, manufacturing, and R&D. Our objective is to consistently enhance our solutions and assist our customers in achieving industrial upgrades. It is well-suited for applications in the renewable energy, battery, energy storage, and other related sectors. It is versatile and can be utilized in a variety of tests, offering strong extensibility. It provides long-term real-time data storage and playback analysis. Phase compensation is implemented to enhance power measurement accuracy.
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SPAW7000 Power Analysis Wavecorder - Multifunctional Power Analyzer
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