SCTH Series Current Sensor
Compact, portable, high precision current sensors with no preheating time required, enabling technicians to measure currents anytime and anywhere.
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Compact, portable, high precision current sensors
SCTH series current sensors are mainly used for measuring currents in medical equipment, smart power grids, and high-precision inverters, offering more reliable and higher-performance solutions for the manufacturing and use of relevant equipment.
Maximum accuracy: 0.05%
Exceptional stability and precision
Outstanding linearity: <5ppm
Low temperature coefficient: <0.1ppm/K
No preheating time required
Extremely low output noise
Accurate and fast current measurement
No preheating time required and maximum accuracy of 0.05%, ensuring fast and accurate measurements.
High precision
Maximum accuracy up to 0.05%, which effectively avoids transmission loss and interference for more accurate results.
High precision
Our premier current sensor with top-tier quality and precision measurements.
High measurement accuracy current sensor , customized for enterprise R&D testing with modular solutions.
Why should I choose SUITA Electric?
How can we make testing easier, faster and better? This is the challenge that SUITA Electric has been diligently addressing, and our team of experts continuously delivers outstanding and innovative solutions to tackle this issue. We are currently collaborating closely with globally renowned automotive manufacturers and leading companies in battery, solar panel, energy storage, semiconductors, manufacturing, and R&D. Our objective is to consistently enhance our solutions and assist our customers in achieving industrial upgrades. It is well-suited for applications in the renewable energy, battery, energy storage, and other related sectors. It is versatile and can be utilized in a variety of tests, offering strong extensibility. It provides long-term real-time data storage and playback analysis. Phase compensation is implemented to enhance power measurement accuracy.
Discover how our SUITA Solutions can assist you in overcoming significant challenges, delivering exceptional service that exceeds customer expectations.
SCTH Series Current Sensor
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